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Dr. LaTasha Carter | Celebrity Therapist

Dr. LaTasha Carter | Celebrity Therapist

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Life Coach | Author | Speaker

CEO of GoldStar Counseling & Wellness Center, a division of Therapeutic Connections, PLLC

To ensure patient privacy, once hired, client phone calls go directly to my cell phone and I am the only person listening to the voice and viewing email messages. I am always the only one with access to my patient’s files and information is confidential.

I understand that the privacy of a public figure is hard to maintain, which many times can cause loneliness and neglect of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, family and relationship problems. With that in mind I have created a special celebrity rate to block my regular clinical schedule to accommodate to specific needs including traveling. Services vary and may be customized to meet client needs. Services include but are not limited to individual, marriage/relationship, and family therapy.

Cultural sensitivity, sense of humor, and utilization of a psychoanalytical vision combined with cognitive-behavioral interventions are essential for a celebrity psychotherapist and this is what I can provide to all my clients. I also provide a judgment free zone which allows clients to release emotions that are affecting their quality of life. Take the first step….it all begins with you.

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To be a powerful voice of advocacy, empowerment, and change for individuals seeking to address traumatic and addiction challenges.

Core Values

Empowerment, Excellence, Inspiration


To be recognized as a world renowned speaker on trauma and addiction therapy.

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Whether big or small, we conduct training sessions on an array of topics specific to your individual needs.

Small Group Discussions:

We believe that small group discussions afford participants a safe and intimate setting to engage with topics geared towards gaining a deeper understanding of personal issues.

Sex Offender Treatment

Speaking Engagements:

Experience the dynamic brilliance and compassionate voice of Dr. LaTasha Carter by booking her for your next corporate event or team meeting.

Medication Management

Expert Panelist:

Dr. LaTasha Carter is available to serve as a panelist, in person or virtually, for your next corporate event.